Stream Protocol: The Future of Fair Content Revenue Distribution – Revolutionizing the Way We View and Value Content Creation

The rapidly expanding digital content landscape has, for a while, been grappling with the issue of fair revenue distribution. The much-anticipated Stream Protocol, whose token, STPL, made its mark by getting listed on the Flybit Korean Won Market (KRW) at 15:00 on 18th December 2020, has risen as a promising answer to these challenges.

Stream Protocol seeks to revolutionize the status quo. As per the details shared on the stream protocol official website at, it is a blockchain network-powered content revenue distribution system. This implies a direct challenge to the existing problems in the content market, especially the uncertainties around revenue distribution standards and inefficiencies in content creation.

The digital content arena, particularly Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms like Netflix, is seeing explosive growth. Research from the Boston Consulting Group suggests the global OTT market would reach an estimated value of 110 billion USD by 2020, a notable leap from its 93 billion USD valuation in 2019. But as revenues soar, so do the discrepancies in its distribution. Unfortunately, most content creators are trapped in rigid contracts, often fetching them a flat fee irrespective of the content’s actual earnings or their contribution levels.

The Vision:
Stream Protocol presents a dual vision. Firstly, it promises Fair Distribution of Content Revenue. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform ensures transparent, tamper-proof standards that would be immune to any private, unjust manipulations. It aims to prevent unnecessary conflicts and reduce costs by maintaining a transparent standard recorded on the blockchain.

Secondly, Stream Protocol envisions a Sustainable Ecosystem for Content Creation. By providing immediate settlement upon a content contributor’s request, it eases the burdens associated with content creation. The emphasis is on empowering creators, helping them break free from the domination of large studios and agencies, and enabling them to focus on creativity.

This system is designed to solve the significant pain points content creators face today, from unequal revenue distribution, where platforms and a select few studios earn the lion’s share, to the inherent inefficiencies in content creation.

Ultimately, as the information on and other official channels indicates, Stream Protocol is not just a technological advancement but also a stride towards establishing an equitable and sustainable digital content ecosystem.
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